Forms for All of Us

“Oooh, let me spend the whole day setting up a form for my website, I have nothing else to do.” – No one. Ever.

Our offering is a more efficient method to create online forms for registrations, surveys, securing orders and for payment collection.

Our passion is making sure that you can quickly and easily build forms and then go home. You probably have other things you’d rather be doing. Something accretive that adds value to your business and your customers.

Our SaaS application dates back to early 2014, when our first developers built Form2Pay as a way to quickly and easily create forms online. However, in later 2017, our CEO – Anthony Presley – found the site for sale on a popular website flipping company ( and bought the product and customer base from the creators.

With a new vision, Anthony set out to improve the user experience for millions of users all over the world who wanted to build forms and quickly integrate them into their existing websites.

Anthony’s background has spanned a number of industries over the past 20 years, but the focus has always been on software that helps business owners and managers get back to running their business.

Entrepreneurs should focus on actions in their businesses that are accretive, and generally speaking – spending time building forms, automating ordering systems, and trying to tie together autoresponders is generally not a core part of value creation.

Our Form2Pay product caters to a diverse range of needs for our users in the small-and-medium businesses. This includes form validations, multiple-page forms, credit card forms, PayPal form integration, API’s, and more. Our team is growing fast, and works to cater to every need from our customers.

If you need professional forms, and want to get back to working on your day job – let our tool take some of the pain away.