6 Features of Advanced Form Building Software

Contact & order forms are the lifeblood of your salesforce. If you’ve been considering getting this useful form building software for your online business, or if you’re shopping around for a better one; here are 6 features to consider before making your purchase.


As Simple as Possible

Look for an HTML contact form builder that offers the simplest solutions to everyday circumstances. Give it a test before buying. Remember that each day’s productivity will be affected by your form building software, so choose one that’s easy for you to manage, and easy for your clients to navigate.


Information Tracking & Archiving

Keeping track of form data is an important part of protecting your company, your staff and your buyers. The best HTML form makers online are the ones that offer data tracking as part of their makeup. Look for this feature to ensure the best possible tracking and archiving capabilities.


Added Form Security

A simple html form builder needs robust security. Remember that you’re dealing with buyers’ personal information here, so safety is paramount. This information must be protected by law, so make sure you choose an HTML form maker that has added security that protects against hackers.


Customizable Features

You will always need changes to your online html contact forms and order forms. Remember that before making a purchase. Choose a form builder that you can adjust at a whim, without any complications or interruptions to your sales flow.


It’s these little tweaks that will resonate with your buyers and set you up as a preferred online seller. Eventually, it’s the little details that keep your customers returning—not to mention the word-of-mouth sales you will get. So keep things competitive by purchasing an online form builder you can modify at will.


Email Synchronization

Email notifications are already an added feature on some of the best online form builder options out there. But how do you handle an influx of orders that just keep filling your inbox?


An online html form maker that archives your emails automatically will save you the frustration of filtering them out yourself. You can choose and prioritize certain order emails and have the rest stored for future reference if required.


Synching your email to your ordering process also allows you to send customizable messages to first time buyers and regulars. This will add a nice personal touch to your ordering process, and set your customers at ease after spending their money.


Easy Exporting

Remember that your order and contact forms will be stored and sometimes distributed among staff. For this reason it’s important to choose an online form builder that allows you to export forms in several different file formats.


So add these features to your shopping list if you’re in the market for the best online form builder on offer. Investing in form building software that gives you a good return on investment will prove to be a wise business decision in the long run, and each of these features affect your profits—either directly or indirectly.


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