Awesome Form Creator Features

Our feature list is long, so you can build forms quickly. Designed by business owners, for you, so you can get stuff done. We’ve all been there – make the form, move on. You have better things to do.

Submission Options

Our forms offer a wide variety of submission options to make the task of uploading the form data easier. Send submissions using our API, our rendering, your rendering, our CSS, your styling. We’re flexible. You can choose any format that suits your own convenience. The style and formatting of the forms can be done according to your preferences.

HTML Code With Style

Use our tools to design and build your form in any style that you want – make the forms responsive for mobile use and “skin” your forms to work for your websites.

Secured Submissions with SSL (HTTPS)

You can collect form data through either standard (non-encrypted) transportation, or use the SSL / HTTPS encrypted submissions to ensure that all form data (including payment information) is encrypted when it’s submitted.

Use Raw HTML Code

Are you using an editor, like Dreamweaver, or Xara? Or perhaps you want to use the styling and CSS on your own existing site? You can copy the raw HTML code into whatever your editor of choice is, and from there, you can customize the form in any way that you’d like visualize it.

Your own Subdomain

One way to get forms to us is to use our wildcard DNS submissions, where your forms can live on their own subdomain. For example, you might be … ensuring that customers end up on a fully customized website with just the form data you desire.

JavaScript Forms Snippet

You can always use our Javascript snippets to render the code inside of the browser – which makes it a bit faster for most modern browsers.

Forms Stored on our Redundant Servers

All form submissions from your users will be stored on our redundant and secure servers. You can access all submissions, or just the latest ones, at any time.

Dozens of features for Your Data

Form2pay offers dozens of small features to help simplify the management of your form entries. These features make it easier to handle effective form management online. Sign up for a trial to try it out!

Export Data in CSV, PDF, XLS, or RTF

Want your data? No problem! You can export everything in CSV, XLS, RTF, or PDF. These export formats are easily shared or imported into other systems, like your CRM or ERP system.

Email Notifications

Do you love the rush and the adrenaline when your get a form submission? When someone has filled out your online form? We can let you know every time a form is submitted, and have some nice ways to handle large scale campaigns (you probably don’t want to handle 10,000 notifications).

Get the form data via email

You can always log into our web interface to retrieve your form data. If you’d prefer, you can also get the actual form entry sent to a designated email address.

Customizable AutoResponders

After a form is submitted, and we collect all the details, you can send out your own customized autoresponder. You can customize the email with details from the form / order. Use this for an upsell, a confirmation, or whatever you’d like.

Multiple Email Notifications

You can send out notification emails to multiple parties – yourself, your customer, your boss, your best friend. Everyone stays in the loop!


Security is our top concern. Your forms are secure. Your form data is secure. Your personal data is secure. We use a wide variety of security mechanisms to ensure we earn your trust and your business, including encryption of data on our servers, SSL encryption of data in flight, and user/pass access to our systems.

And Much More ...

  • Change the actual form styling – background and foreground colors, CSS styles, etc…
  • Change up the body of your form to match your existing website, or stand out!
  • Change field widths, padding, borders, and shadows.
  • Set labels for your forms where it makes sense.
  • Create field warnings and tooltips to help your forms get filled out.
  • Multiple user accounts to share with co-workers or clients.
  • Redirect users back to your site after the form is done.
  • Restrict the form submission to only a certain number of entries, when you run a promotional form.
  • Get attachments uploaded from your users – images, blueprints, Word documents, etc…
  • Set up promotions on your form, so that the form shows off promotions on a particular date.
  • Use any of our existing form templates for order form templates, registration templates, etc…
  • Reports and charts to see form activities.
  • Pre-defined fields for addresses, email accounts, passwords, descriptions, etc…
  • Link your Google Analytics account into the form, keep track of your stats.