WordPress Forms. Easy.

You’ve built an amazing WordPress site, and now it’s time to drop a form into your hard work. We’ve got WordPress forms and features for all of your needs – payments, contact forms, automatic responses, form redirects, and more! Everything you need.

WP Shortcodes

Use Form2Pay to build your form – requiring as many or as few form fields as you need. After your form is saved, placing it on your WordPress site just requires a simple and familiar shortcode.

Contact Forms

While Form2Pay will build complex forms for employee reviews or online purchases, our most common WordPress usage is a simple contact form. We’ll have you on your way with two clicks.


Processing payments through WordPress can get confusing, fast. But if you just need a simple payment form, we’ll integrate with PayPal and provide you with the reports you need to run your business.

Get Started for Free!

Form2Pay provides a free 30-day trial, no questions asked, and no credit card is required to get up and running with WordPress.

ShortCodes for Days

After designing your form inside of Form2Pay, we will provide you with the Shortcode you need to drop in the form into your WordPress Page or Post.  With one copy-and-paste, you’re up and running.

Form2Pay notifications work with all WordPress forms.


Want to be notified when someone successfully submits a form, or makes a payment from your WordPress site? We can let you know every time a form is submitted, and have some nice ways to handle large scale campaigns (you probably don’t want to handle 10,000 notifications).

WordPress Form Styles

Using our graphical builder, you can easily change the styles of your form – or inject your own CSS and styling for an exact fit into your WordPress site. We’re flexible when it comes to our WordPress forms.

Get Started for Free!

Try our WordPress forms on your site for free for 30 days with no questions asked and no credit card needed to get up and running.

Ready to get started? You’ll want to install our WordPress form plugin. You can read the WordPress instructions here.