Easy Setup and Easy Install

Easy to setup and install. We provide the best form builder on the planet for your website. Did we mention that we are easy, fast, and secure?

Crafted to YOUR Specifications

We’re not just a form builder. We track all the information from your form submissions… date, time, location & IP address of your visitors.

Customizable & Powerful

Our Form Wizard guides you through building forms. Just copy and paste the resulting code, or use one of our plugins. We’re easy like that.

Our online form builder software is easy-to-use and designed for everyone.

Our premise is simple:

  • Build a form and publish it on your website using code or one of our plugins
  • Get emails with visitors fill out your form
  • Get on with your life … your data is safe and secure with us.

If you want to get fancy, we can help with API’s, payments, and mobile functionality.

We keep track of all form submissions, including visitor data, time, location, and IP addresses.

Get Started Today!

  • Easy to use form builder
  • Free trial, pay nothing to start
  • No setup fees, upgrade fees or contracts
  • Unlimited users in your account
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Access your data anywhere
  • Automatic backups of everything
  • Pay simply using a credit card
  • Cancel online at any time – no contracts!

We Excel at Forms ... Use our Amazing Advanced Features

  • API’s to push and pull data.  If you’re a programmer, you’ll love this.
  • Add payment processing to your forms, with 2Checkout or Authorize.Net, and sell your products online. Or take a donation!
  • Export all your form entries as a CSV, PDF, or RTF file.


Secured Submission

SSL Secured forms for the complete protection of your data

Auto Responder

Our autoresponder replies to your visitors immediately when they submit a form

Immediate Notification

We sent immediate notifications to you when you receive a form

Avoid Spamming

We supply image verifications to ensure that your submissions are from humans

Promotion Settings

Run promotions through your online form – choose the time and duration of your offers

Advanced Reporting

Pictures are worth 1000 words, right? So look at submissions on a graph!

Multiple Recipients

Send form details to more than one person in your company

Multiple Use

Use your forms on as many websites as you’d like

File Export options

Export to CSV / PDF / RTF / XLS, or use our API’s for even more control

Image upload Option

Need someone to upload images? No problem! We’ll host up to 10mb / image.

Redirect URL

Send users to other pages after they submit your form, redirect anywhere

Simple Creation

Create your form easily with our Wizard, or dive in and get dirty with the Javascript

Ready to get Started? It's Free!